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Gifts for you (or a friend)

Want to give a hint to someone about what YOU'D like for the upcoming gift giving season?  Here are a few suggestions- perhaps you might want to send them a link to this post :-)

Or maybe you are looking for a gift for your sewing friend? In which case- read on!

1. Quilting Books

I have three beautiful quilting books available- Quilt Recipes by Jen Kingwell and Inheritance by Riane Elise and Quilting by Hand by Riane Elise. They are all full of beautiful quilting patterns, and three of my absolute favourites! 

2. Gift Certificate

Scared of committing to a choice? Maybe a gift certificate could be a good option. This gives the recipient the choice of they'd like! Available for instant delivery electronically or you can also get a physical gift certificate (which comes in a little Scribbly Gum tin)


3. Scribbly Gum Jumper /Sweatshirt

These cosy 100% cotton Scribbly Gum jumpers might be the perfect gift, if you want to look super fashionable :-)

4. Hand quilting kit or Deluxe Hand quilting kit

I love these kits- the hand quilting kit is the perfect small little stocking stuffer and perfect for travelling. The Deluxe hand quilting kit includes a hoop and a whole suite of other notions- perfect for someone (including you) who wants to get more into hand quilting. 

Hand quilting kit 

Deluxe Hand quilting kit 

5. Beginner Quilting Kit

This could be the perfect kit for you (or a friend) who has always said they want to start quilting but haven't yet gotten around to it- includes all the notions you need to start quilting! 

6. Sohmo notions

I LOVE Sohmo notions- they are environmentally friendly and sort of the "grown up" option of quilting notions- whether it is fancy Ricamo scissors that come ina padded box (they are SO sharp) or little tins of basting pins or pins, they are just a really lovely product. 






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