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How to make a Quilt Coat

So you want to make a quilt coat? You've come to the right place! Here is the "Contents Page" for all the steps to make a quilt coat (so far!)

This post includes an introduction, pattern suggestions, types of quilt coats, a high level overview of fabric requirements and some frequently asked questions. 

Please note:  The pattern used to make the pictured coat was Simplicity 8467 and is not sold at Scribbly Gum Quilt Co.  We recommend a quick google search to find a preferred stockist for this particular pattern.

Prefer things in video form- watch this video:

This post covers pre-washing your fabrics, making a practice version and pockets. 

From here, the posts are separated into the type of quilt coat you are planning on making:

The All-Business

The Mullet (aka business on the front, party on the back)

The Party All Over


A Little Bedazzling

And finally, finishing your quilt coat (read this one regardless of which quilt coat you are making!)