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How to: Make an Alabama Block quilt (Free Pattern)

Introduction: How I didn't invent a quilt block :-)

When Gabrielle from Gabrielle Neil Designs asked me if I would like to make a quilt using her gorgeous upcoming Heartsong collection, of course I had to say yes. But what pattern could I use? I knew that I wanted to use a new design so I did some scribbling on graph paper and came up with what I thought was a brand new (never seen before) quilt pattern design! Long story short, it turns out my scribbles weren't a brand new never seen before pattern but actually very similar to a traditional Alabama Block. :-) 

But I loved it so much, I decided to make a tutorial for it- which then quickly turned into a pattern. You can find it here! (if you downloaded this anytime on Wednesday 30 June, grab an updated version now :-) 
Fat quarter friendly, this quilt comes together super quickly with lots of nicely nested seams - and the end product reminds me a bit of a fancy Irish Chain quilt.

The pattern includes instructions for two sizes of blocks. When making the bigger blocks, you need two fat quarters per block, however because you end up with a much larger quilt overall, the number of fat quarters needed compared to the final size of the quilt is comparable (eg for the big blocks, a 69” square quilt requires 18 fat quarters, whereas for the medium blocks, a 72” square quilt requires 16 fat quarters. The medium blocks use up almost the entire fat quarter - how's that for fabric efficiency? 

Here are the fabric requirements:

 And of course I have kits available! What sort of fabric shop would I be if I didn't ? :-) 

Surveyors Wife Quilt Kit

Cassandra of Tulum Quilt Kit


 I hope you love making this pattern as much as I enjoyed making it- don't forget to use the hashtag #sgalabamablockquilt and don't forget to tag me- @scribblygumquiltco @jozmakesquilts 

Alabama Block Quilt Pattern 

Happy quilting! 

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