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White/ cream solid Background fabric

Looking for a simple background fabric? Here are our white and cream options (I've included some information on these but if you know which one you want, just scroll to the bottom of the page.

I have a video available which shows the differences between each one which you can find here

Here is a quick summary of each option:

Pure whites:

  • Devonstone Bright White
  • Art Gallery Fabrics Pure Solids Snow
  • Linen Cotton Blend- White

Off-white/ light creams:

  • Bella off-white
  • Kona Snow
  • Devonstone Whitehaven


  • Devonstone Ecru (darker cream)
  • Bella Ivory (yellowy cream)
  • Devonstone seeded (this has "flecks" through it)
  • Devonstone Natural Cream
  • Art Gallery Fabrics Pure Solids White Linen

If you'd rather something with just a little bit more, check out our low volume range.