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Wren Collective- Aftershock

Cutting instructions for using a wider WOF (Kaufman Indigo). 

NB: The below has been kept quite generic as I don't want to give away too much of the pattern. If you have any questions, please let me know


  • B1: Cut 1 strip into 3.5” x WOF, subcut into B1 pieces
  • B2: Cut 2 strips into 6.5’ WOF, subcut into B2 pieces, From your leftover B2 pieces you will cut your remaining B6 strips
  • B3: Cut 2 strips into 2.5”x WOF, subcut into B3 pieces
  • B4: Cut 2 strips into 6.5” x WOF, subcut into B4 pieces
  • B5: Cut 1 strip into 2” x WOF, subcut into B5 pieces
  • B6: Cut 2 strips into 6.5” x WOF, subcut into B6 pieces. You will need to cut some pieces from your leftover B2 piece above
  • B7: Cut 2 strips into 12.5” WOF, subcut into B7 pieces
  • B8: Cut 1 strips into 18.5” x WOF, subcut into B8 pieces
  • B9: Cut 1 strip into 5.5”x WOF, subcut into B9 pieces
  • Binding: I used just over 6 strips at 2.25”

I also added 5.5” of sashing to the top and bottom of my quilt- this step is optional (and not included in the pattern) and if you are careful with your cutting you should have just enough left to cut 3 strips x WOF (1.5 down the bottom and 1.5 up the top