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10 quilts you can whip up in a weekend

As I write this blog post, it’s 18 days from Christmas but in order to make this applicable year round, let’s also say you are X days away from a friend or family members birthday/ wedding/ etc.  :-) 

You would really like to gift them a quilt but you're not even sure what to make and you’re quickly running out of time. Never fear! I have rounded up a list of quilts that you can sew together quickly. I have made all of these so can personally assure you they are a quick quilt to make. 

A quick disclaimer: quilting (obviously) takes time and I’m definitely not promising you will have the entire quilt done and dusted in 45 minutes but these all come together in a relative quilt jiffy and with some simple quilting, you should be finished in a weekend!

You can click on the title to purchase/ view the pattern and I have also linked quilt kits where they are available. Quilt kits are different to the photos I have included in this post!

1.     Burn Bright quilt by Modernly Morgan 
Big pieces and modern design, this quilt is such a fun one to make and the large pieces mean you can really put a spotlight on some of your favourite big prints!

Bonus tip: if you love this design and have lots of time for a future project, check out the Aglow Quilt

2.     Big Patch Quilt by Hopewood Home

This one is a really special quilt- the one I made sits on our couch and I love looking at some of my favourite pieces of fabric (and of course the vintage koala tea towel) which I finally used for this. It also sews up very quickly and is super forgiving!

Brightside quilt by Then Came June
Simple design but oh so effective! There’s a couple of nuanced blocks so make sure you pay attention to those when you’re making the pattern.

4.     Sunshine Day quilt by Life with Eleanor
This is probably the “slowest” of the fast quilts listed but is still relatively quick. If you want to increase the speed, you can try strip piecing your HSTs (there’s a tutorial in my Instagram highlights for this!)

5.     Weavers Square quilt by Broadcloth Studio

This is such an addictive quilt to make- I started cutting on a Friday night and stayed up way too late piecing the top together. You only need three colours so it’s simple to pick a colour-way too.

6.     Layered Lines quilt by the Little Pine Needle
This one is jelly roll friendly and if you have the one, it limits your cutting and makes it even faster! The perfect wall hanging or baby size quilt. 

7.     Willow Quilt by Penelope Handmade
This quilt is so fast, I made two! (or was it three)? Bonus- because it’s the same amount of pieces whether you make the smaller or larger quilt (the pieces just increase in size), this is a really fast way of making a bed size quilt quickly!

8.     Mayday Quilt by Just a Simple Stitch
Another super quick design and a nice mix of HSTs and squares. This one only needs a few colours as well and is a great opportunity to use a dark background fabric to really make those colours pop!

9.  Corners Quilt by Skyclad Quilts
Four big blocks and multiple different layout options gives you some entirely different quilt looks! No HSTs either which is a nice bonus!

10.  Balance Quilt by Skyclad Quilts

Cut some strips, sew together, add a sun and moon and you’re basically done- this one is a super quick pattern to make a wall hanging or baby size quilt. It even gives you the option to add your favourite constellation and make it extra special with hand quilting.

You can purchase kits to make this quilt here (most of the pieces are cut to size!)

Have you made any of these quilts? Do you know of any other quick quilts? Let me know! 

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